Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Initiatives - Responsibility Towards Growth

Protecting the environment and caring for communities around us is a priority at Kogta.We contribute to a range of not for profit organisations which promote these causes.

International Yoga Day

On International Yoga Day with pledge of making yoga as an integral part of one’s life and leading to the betterment of one’s physical and mental health. This health benefitting initiative was taken by the Company through Kogta Foundation to raise awareness about the many benefits of practicing Yoga for people at Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Donation for school infrastructure development for the underprivileged children

Kogta Foundation has made donation to a Government School situated at Amer Kunda, Billaunchi, Jaipur for the construction/infrastructure development for the underprivileged children with a vision that every child must have access to quality, values based and holistic education.

Contributed towards Crematorium development

Kogta Foundation has contributed towards the development of crematoriums at Jaipur and Bijainagar, Rajasthan. The initiative was taken to develop the crematorium ground with the upgraded facilities, aiming at innovation and an alternative for reducing impacts caused by cemeteries.

Donation to bring joy, hope and Happiness to homeless conditioned people

Kogta Foundation has made donation to Apna Ghar Ashram, an organization established with an aim to serve the homeless helpless destitute sick persons who are facing a very painful phase of life.

Maintenance of safe & clean drinking water plant

Safe and clean drinking water plant/hut which had been established by Kogta Foundation at Bijainagar, Rajasthan to provide clean drinking water throughout the summers to the public. It is also ensured that the water huts are being maintained by the Company in a timely manner.

Distribution of Blankets to the Needy People

A blanket donation drive called Rahat-ae-Sard was initiated by Kogta Foundation in year 2021 and continuously from last 2 years the Company along with Kogta Foundation provided woollen blankets to the needy people at nearby open areas and local shelters as winter is tough time or survival especially for the homeless and needy people.

Donating Hemodialysis machine at the Dialysis and Diagnostic center

A CSR Initiative has been taken by Kogta Foundation – A CSR initiative taken by Kogta Financial (India) Limited by donating a bed and hemodialysis machine at the Dialysis and Diagnostic center at Jaipur, Rajasthan with  the motive to promote healthcare and to ensure proper and timely treatment of the patients

Contributed towards promoting Sports in cycling event

This initiative has been taken by Kogta Foundation to promote cycling as an environmentally friendly option, increasing the awareness of cycling as a sport. This activity was held at Bisalpur, Rajasthan on 75th Independence Day covering the people from various villages and town spreading the message of health and fitness and saving the environment and soil.

Contributed towards safety & health care program

Kogta Foundation conducted eye surgery camp at Bijainagar, Rajasthan. The main objective of the camp is to create awareness among the people which leads to an intervention to clear the backlog of avoidable blindness and provide them with the necessary treatment. In these eye camps basic services were provided such as screening and correcting refractive errors by providing eyeglasses, providing medicines to address allergy and other eye conditions, identification of cataract and other surgical cases.

Juice distribution in summer to needy people in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Making this summer a bit more bearable for the public, the Company through Kogta Foundation has taken an initiative of distributing the juices to the public/needy people in Jaipur, Rajasthan with motive of wellbeing of society.

Plantation of Trees for Environmental Sustainability & their Maintenance

Act of planting a tree is a powerful symbol of life. The environmental welfare initiative was taken by Kogta Foundation with the motive of making environment healthy and nourished. We have planted more than 200 plants at Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Distribution of T-shirts to the underprivileged

At Kogta Financial India Limited, we frequently organize t-shirt distribution drives for the less fortunate. For those who live in slums and on the streets, meeting basic requirements of food and shelter is tough enough and they compromise on clothing by wearing worn-out clothes. With this concern, Kogta Foundation took steps to fulfil their need.

Donation to Goshala

We contributed to the upkeep of cows at a shelter which provides them with food and cares for their wellbeing. The dual benefit of this activity is that it also provides livelihoods to people undertaking these activities.

Be a Good Samaritan Awareness Campaign

The Good Samaritan law was created to protect individuals who help accident victims from any legal proceedings. The legislation encourages individuals to come to the rescue of others suffering from injury, with good intentions and without expecting any reward or payment in return. Kogta Financial has taken the initiative to promote road safety awareness and the Good Samaritan law, by involving NCC cadets to informed people about the law through posters and pamphlets. These cadets visit various prominent places, such as parks of the city and made the general public aware that they should fearlessly help people who might be injured in road accidents, within the crucial golden hours, to save their lives.

Food donation - Feeding Hands at Jaipur, Rajasthan

Through this initiative, food is served to the needy via food trucks called Feeding Hands at different areas in the city of Jaipur. These food trucks/vans maintain good quality, quantity and cleanliness while preparing the food. This initiative entails feeding the hungry, with nutritious food to ensure good health.

Kids Educational Welfare (Donation of fees to children from underprivileged homes)

Education is a continuous and life changing process and we feel that no children should be deprived of their right to education, especially since they essentially are the country’s future. Therefore, an initiative has been taken to provide school fees for children from underprivileged homes. This should go a long way towards ensuring their education continues and their futures are brighter.

Rahat-ae-Sard - (Blanket Donation to the needy)

A pan-India blanket donation drive was initiated by the Kogta Financial India Limited so that the less fortunate would be able to sustain themselves during the winters, which are very harsh.

Lakshya Road Safety Under-15 Cricket Tournament (Jaipur)

The goal of the Lakshya Road Safety league is to promote road safety awareness and etiquette. It also seeks to promote the value and importance of sports, as part of a healthy lifestyle, especially for children. This initiative by Kogta Foundation to promote Road Safety Awareness, the Good Samaritan Law and Sports as an integral aspect of the lives of children. The annual Cricket Tournament, held in Jaipur, was once again co- sponsored by Kogta to promote this mission.

Pan-India mask donation drive during COVID-19

Acknowledging that mass-produced facial masks, which conform to safety norms, was the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Kogta undertook a pan-India mask donation drive in April 2020. The masks that were donated offered protection that was akin to N95 masks, were crafted from commonly available materials, comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and were reusable.

Tree Plantation

At Kogta, we frequently organise tree planting drives. Our team plants trees around our operations areas, but also secures their survival by installing tree guards and nurturing the saplings until they mature into trees.

Medical Donation

Kogta has been a benefactor to Pratham Shreni Pashu Chikitsalaya at Bijainagar in Ajmer, Rajasthan, towards caring for the well-being of domestic animals, like buffaloes, etc.

Distribution of Blankets

Between December 2020 and January 2021, Jaipur recorded its 2nd lowest temperatures in 55 years. Many residents in the slums were suffering due to this severe cold. Kogta Foundation donated blankets to keep them warm. Majority of these blankets were distributed to the elderly, who were living alone, and to people from extremely poor families.

Blood Donation Drive

Giving blood is often associated with saving lives. People with illnesses and medical conditions, such as anemia, hemophilia, cancer and sickle cell disease often need blood transfusions to survive. The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests using the blood quota of 1% of a country’s population as a rough approximation of its blood requirements. According to those figures, India faces a 1.9-million- unit blood shortage, which translates into about 60 tankers (according to FY. 2016-17 Government of India statistics).

Installation of Water Coolers at RTO Bhilwara and Anuthiya Gav, near Bijainagar

Several water coolers have been installed by Kogta Financial (India) Limited at RTO Bhilwara and Anuthiya Gav, near Bijainagar in Rajasthan, in order to provide chilled potable drinking water throughout the warm summers. We also ensure that these water coolers are repaired and maintained in a timely manner.


We extended financial assistance to Udhbhav School, location. The funds are being used to meet the school’s girl child education programme – Umeed. By supporting this academic programme, we aim to provide these young girls the foundation they need to be self-reliant and successful in the future.


We also contributed towards the distribution of track suits in Government School at Bijainagar, Ajmer, Rajasthan. Sports and physical activity are an important aspect of life and this support towards the right attire will help the students to be more active.


We also supported PSR Global Foundation in their tree plantation drive. The team not only plants trees around its operation sites, but it also ensures their survival by erecting tree guards and carefully nurtures them till the sapling matures into a tree.


Among our other CSR projects was the donation made to Shri Pinjarapole Gaushala to provide monetary assistance for cow fodder. The dual benefit of this activity is that it also provides livelihood to the peoples undertaking day to day care of Cows.


At Kogta Financial (India) Limited, we believe everyone has a right to clean and safe drinking water for good health. Keeping this belief in mind, we contributed towards the preparation of sheltered drinking water facility and installation of water cooler at Bijainagar School, Rajasthan. Through this intervention, we aim to provide drinking water facilities to children coming from nearby districts and to the local communities to ensure sound health and welfare for all.


Promoting education to enhance livelihoods has always been at theheart of our CSR agenda. We envision providing a safe and conducive environment for child education and nurture holistic development. Towards this, we made a donation to a school situated in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Focus is on enabling the young ones to grow into capable, responsible, educated and self-sufficient citizens.

GAU SEVA - (Caring for Cows)

As supporters of the welfare of cows and their protection from being sent to slaughter houses, we contributed to their upkeep at a shelter which provides them with food and cares for them. The dual benefit of this activity is that it also provided livelihoods to people undertaking these activities.

Cricket for the Underprivileged

We believe that playing sports builds character and enhances self-confidence. We focus on promoting cricket, a sport that is loved by the entire nation, by actively participating in training youth from underprivileged communities.